Manifesto (aka The Rules)

  1. We start with the world as it is, complete with all the current environmental damages, inequalities, violences, anxieties, complexities and terrifying unanswered questions. Our players all receive a narrative based crisis scenario, rooted in socially urgent current or future facing global concerns. The Crisis Scenarios are also published on all social media pages as “ Breaking News” Headlines. 
  1. After players receive the scenarios, they have a day to submit their solution.  Answers must be submitted as a text  narrative as well as a voice note of no more than one minute. Each player’s solution is edited into a 1minute video presented as a creative interpretation and their voice note – giving life to their ideas. The scenario and each players solution is edited into one video, posted along with a short text – based description of each players response.
  1. This video is released online and a poll is opened for audiences to vote for the solution  that they think is best. The player who receives the most votes will move three places on the board, the player in second position will move two places, the player in third place moves 1 place. Everyone else stays in the same position. One scenario, including the responses given by players and the audience vote, marks one round of the game. The winning player’s solution to the crisis has direct influence on the world of the game.
  1. As with all good games Chance and Fate play a role. Certain squares on the board are demarcated as “Life Happens” squares, landing on one of these could either benefit or limit the player. When a player lands on one of these squares, they could be gifted with a “Power Card” these are resources/ benefits that they could use to impact their game play, these squares could also present players with certain disadvantages or limitations . The Power cards gained from the “ Life Happens” squares will not be fixed and generally carry time limits i.e must be played within two rounds/must be played immediately.  
  1. When moving forward on the board if any player lands on a  WTF square ( positioned in he corners of the board) they are handed a prompt from a predetermined list of  major world changes. These changes will affect ALL PLAYERS. With the online version of the game we, the Game Masters will act as ‘the hand of God’  and will be able to watch the game and decide what these GAME CHANGER scenarios should be. These essentially switch up the world order, they can can be anything from natural disasters, or major political changes that shift the world of the game and give the players a new set of parameters to respond to. 
  1. Players can choose how they play the game according to their own values and beliefs. They can team up, play individually or even gift their winning of a round to another player, allowing a player  to move forward instead of themselves.Players can choose to independently terminate alliances/ teams at any point. The Gamemasters are not involved in facilitating any alliances players might form.
  2.  How do you win the game? it’s pretty simple, to create ‘the new normal’. When the first player gets to the end of the game, the overall narrative  is evoked and the game is up for grabs for all players. The overall narrative competition will be based on the story created by players throughout the game and is  played between players besides the one on the last tile. Because the narratives have been recorded, players have a chance to present the decisions they made throughout the game, and what kind of world their decisions created. Audiences vote on the overall narrative they like the most. The player that wins the overall narrative enters a dual with the player on the last tile by responding to a final scenario. For this final round the other 6 players of the game can pick a player to back and help their chosen leader craft an incredible response  Sudden death, winner takes all.