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10 months ago


Our world-builders joined us in the midst of a global pandemic that continues its path across countries and communities, illuminating and exposing rickety social structures and ... See more

11 months ago
The New Normal Game - Round 6

Our challengers faced many “Big Bads” on their world-building journey, for their final quest we simply asked them to take us home…

What does home look like to you?
VOTE NOW on the video or ... See more

11 months ago

Congratulations to this week's winners, duo Amy Brown and Yvette Hess who slayed the patriarchy with a cipher. Stay in tune for the FINAL ROUND of the game, coming soon...

11 months ago

The Final Step...

The gamemaster steps aside with a final wry smile. You, intrepid player, are left alone. There is a pavement beneath your feet. Besides this, your surroundings are whatever you ... See more

11 months ago
The New Normal Game: Round 5

Our players contend with religiously fuelled patriarchy, misogyny, and men with god complexes. Check out their responses and remember to vote for the possible world you like best.


1 year ago

ROUND 5: Our Father

You may call me your Father, the Alpha.
And I come with a message from the one true God

This brave new world was built off the sweat of men. We are tired of being silenced.
We ... See more

1 year ago
Recap on Game!

We about to begin the final act of the game. Here is a recap on the first four rounds and the winning ideas!

1 year ago

A little while ago we ran a writing competition asking you to respond to the prompt " It's 2025. I look out my window, what do I see?". Today, as a storm wreaks havoc on the Cape we offer this piece, ... See more

1 year ago

🔥The Blitz Writing Competition has officially closed!🔥

Thank you to everyone who participated with a big congratulations to @TsetseFlyMoskito for their comment which received the most ... See more

1 year ago
The New Normal Game: COVID-19 Edition Round 4

The Gamemaster has spoken in the voice of the great Eland, who offered some insights from the ancients and came bearing a fresh warning.
This is how our players answered the call.
Remember to vote ... See more

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