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1 year ago


Our world-builders joined us in the midst of a global pandemic that continues its path across countries and communities, illuminating and exposing rickety social structures and ... See more

1 year ago
The New Normal Game - Round 6

Our challengers faced many “Big Bads” on their world-building journey, for their final quest we simply asked them to take us home…

What does home look like to you?
VOTE NOW on the video or ... See more

1 year ago

Congratulations to this week's winners, duo Amy Brown and Yvette Hess who slayed the patriarchy with a cipher. Stay in tune for the FINAL ROUND of the game, coming soon...

1 year ago

The Final Step...

The gamemaster steps aside with a final wry smile. You, intrepid player, are left alone. There is a pavement beneath your feet. Besides this, your surroundings are whatever you ... See more

1 year ago
The New Normal Game: Round 5

Our players contend with religiously fuelled patriarchy, misogyny, and men with god complexes. Check out their responses and remember to vote for the possible world you like best.


1 year ago

ROUND 5: Our Father

You may call me your Father, the Alpha.
And I come with a message from the one true God

This brave new world was built off the sweat of men. We are tired of being silenced.
We ... See more

1 year ago
Recap on Game!

We about to begin the final act of the game. Here is a recap on the first four rounds and the winning ideas!

1 year ago

A little while ago we ran a writing competition asking you to respond to the prompt " It's 2025. I look out my window, what do I see?". Today, as a storm wreaks havoc on the Cape we offer this piece, ... See more

1 year ago

🔥The Blitz Writing Competition has officially closed!🔥

Thank you to everyone who participated with a big congratulations to @TsetseFlyMoskito for their comment which received the most ... See more

1 year ago
The New Normal Game: COVID-19 Edition Round 4

The Gamemaster has spoken in the voice of the great Eland, who offered some insights from the ancients and came bearing a fresh warning.
This is how our players answered the call.
Remember to vote ... See more

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