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10 months ago

New Normal Game Blitz Writing Competition:
It's 2025, You look out your window what do you see?

Answer the writing prompt by typing your creative response in the comment thread below using as little ... See more

10 months ago

ROUND 4: The earth speaks back.

I come to you as the Eland, a living God.
I carry the spirits of the ancestors, the threads between the natural world and the spiritual realm.
I’ve been listening, ... See more

10 months ago
The New Normal Game - Round 3

The Gamemaster appeared in a menacing faceless amalgam representing: capitalism, shadow government, the global elite, colonialism, patriarchy, generational privilege. This is how our players ... See more

11 months ago
The New Normal Game – Let our path be one we decide.

No more MR nice baas.

Congratulations. You made it rain.
So many in the world applaud your lazy so - called “protest”.
Refusing to work, lets see how far that gets you.
So you’ve a ... See more

COME OUT AND PLAY Wild Ideas, Space Travel, healers, warriors, justice-dreamers, skeptics, Mistakes, and musings of all kinds, are welcome as long as they are kind and thoughtful. GAMING THE ... See more

11 months ago
Constitutional Court rules Electoral Act is unconstitutional, opens way for independent candidates | News24

Truly, Breaking News.

In the first two rounds of the game many of our players have suggested hyper-local, de-centralised community forum type governance as solutions to political crises.

Could a ... See more

The Constitutional Court has declared the Electoral Act unconstitutional.

11 months ago

Congratulations to the WINNER OF ROUND 2 Masana Mulaudzi who presented POSSIBLE WORLD 1.

In response to the Gamemaster's challenge, rife with generational debt and civil polarisation and unrest ... See more

11 months ago
The New Normal Game is loading near you

New Frame did a cool write up on the game, and why it is important to play!

"In many ways, it doesn’t seem like a time to play. We’re in a pandemic. People across the world are taking to the ... See more

A new experiment has been launched that allows for a measure of spiritual relief during the Covid-19 pandemic by giving players the agency to imagine a better world.

11 months ago
South Africa has asked for a loan from the IMF

Over the last two weeks the Gamemaster presented our players with 2 scenarios dealing with National Debt. In our first challenge we presented our players with the possibility of taking out a ... See more

The economic calamity of the coronavirus broke South Africa’s resistance to borrowing from the International Monetary Fund.

11 months ago

This week on The New Normal Game: Covid 19 Editionwe're dealing with a National debt crisis, police brutality, and civil unrest. Our players presented some incredible responses to the Gamemaster, ... See more

11 months ago
The New Normal Game - Round 2

Round 2
The Gamemaster appeared to our players in the form of a fading, pleading rainbow and presented them with a world buckling under intergenerational debt, xenophobia, civil unrest and police ... See more

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