Press Release


COME OUT AND PLAY: Wild Ideas, Space Travel, healers, warriors, justice-dreamers, skeptics, Mistakes and musings of all kinds, are welcome as long as they are kind and thoughtful.

The new normal game is a social media game that will be played on Facebook for the next two months to collectively come up with ideas for the struggles we face.
During COVID-19 we’ve seen the concept of the “new normal” used threateningly or as a dangling carrot. Many if not most of us are focused on surviving, trying to stay alive while worrying about our livelihoods and are overwhelmed by the shadow of this question. Whatever the new normal becomes, it is being participated in and co-created by everyone however and it will have our buy-in whether we opt-in consciously or not.

We hope to offer people alternative solutions that they can implement in their own lives and invite them into co-creating innovative approaches to our collective struggles and offer encouragement to move into a future where we can be more than our survivalist selves. We believe that building a new world will take all of us, from all kinds of backgrounds, sectors, and spaces to build something better. We want to honour the vast amount of organic intellect, community knowledge systems, creative resources, radical kindness, generational-wisdoms, playfulness, and creativity that the old system has de-valued and debased.

In short, the game works like this. Each week, we will release a set of fictional or not so fictional “Crisis Questions”, with a group of 7 players have one day to come up with ideas for us to consider in the face of these challenges. These are published across social media platforms and the audience is asked to vote in a poll for the idea that they would most like to see come true.
We hope that the New Normal Game offers inspiration to act in courage and invest in a world that recognizes everyone’s full humanity.

This is an experiment. There are numerous spot prizes and audience challenges. Ultimately this is a platform where we’d love social media users to bring the same energy, anxiety, frustration, and passion to that we’re fueled with when we argue about our collective social issues online, and
channel it into workshopping possibilities and bold, future-facing plans of action. This is why we really want to give online audiences the power to decide which possible futures they want. To cocreating the next steps to take. The players may offer their ideas as guidance, and we may present
the scenarios, but it is the audience that decides what happens next. Conflict is an important part of collaboration, but it must be generative and productive. We are not going to play teacher, but we will ensure that the space is well facilitated and that those who are often not heard, have a voice.

All justice-dreamers, doers, healers, earth lovers, activists, surrealists, futurists, thinkers, shit-stirrers, inventors, creatives, students, kids, scholars, workers, social-innovators, organic intellectuals, anarchists, feminists – all schools of thought are welcome, as long as you’re open to-
exploration and collaboration.

But a game is less fun when over-explained. So Come Play!