Round 4: Solutions

The Gamemaster has spoken in the voice of the great Eland, who offered some insights from the ancients and came bearing a fresh warning.
This is how our players answered the call.
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Dear Eland. I don’t know what else to say except lead us. I don’t know what else to do but listen. I don’t know – the truth is I don’t know.  Krishnamurti says we need Freedom From the Known. This is not a bad frame of mind to be in. We will be held by the infinite wisdom of the earth because we, in fact, are the earth. We just haven’t been listening. Our doing will come from that listening and we first have to reconnect and get acquainted once more with our global oneness. COVID 19 is not just showing us how as humans we are all connected, but how we need to start thinking about inter-species relationships more deeply because we are all one.


I’ve always seen you. You thought you were watching me, while I was observing you.

This time you steal another symbol. It’s Eland and you tell me you know and you want to sell it back to me as another one of your gods.

Bad liar. Ruthless cheat. I have always seen you.

You killed the first warrior who deigned to dissent.

You thought you killed us all.

I see you.

When you sold the browbeaten offspring

your versions of the truth and they bought it,

you thought you bought us all.

I see you.

I am not sold.

I see you.

People of people.

We are species defined.

Homo sapien sapien.

One humankind.

But no…

Wie is djy? Wat is djy? Waar is djy?

Smaller and smaller and smaller the define.

No more divine.

Holding onto your flat-earth-philosophies,

distracted by belief in the metaphor and ego.

You uphold the very power

whose knee is on your neck

and suffocating your mind.

Homo sapien. Sapien.

World 1

Eland, the living God, we honour your spirit and take your words with wisdom. We too are tired, we are stretched and as we are dying off we realise that we cannot be reactive, we need to be proactive and return to our drawing board, find rest, and community care. You show up for us with love, and provide us with the mental, spiritual, and physical healing we need to breathe dear Eland. You give us a language and signs of rebirth, and guide us to the rivers, to the shores of the sea, to the waterfalls and streams, to the water to wash us. Those of us who were being pulled into religious bigotism are captivated again by your waters and the thirst you speak to us innately – to heal and be cleansed. We mourn those we have lost, refuting the facelessness of the numbers used to track fatalities. We create murals and sites of burial, we offer our thanks for their commitment to the struggle and the gifts of their lives, knowing that many of these deaths would have been preventable under systems change.
We listen to you as you tell us to stop. So we stop and go into hiding, in communes, in occupied mansions, in our homes, in townships and favelas, slums. Those of us who were part of the initial global planning, take time to breath in your wisdom, and continue to use your guidance and warnings to plan for our next steps.

As the monsters in the dark and the virus kill off our activists, we switch back to the learnings of before – the institutions for protection still exist. Human rights defenders from some of the most closed countries in the world, who have long been advocating for the work of an equitable, non-racist, non-misogynist, non-ableist future, offer us their hidden safe houses, which have some of the best security and technology. Any time there is a threat of a forced disappearance, we tap into our complex network that we have long used to go into exile or into hiding when the threat of death looms. Because we are many, our monitoring of these threats is equal to your monitoring of us. We also make use of the existing infrastructure, the Cuban doctors alongside others long ostracized and underpaid to provide medical care in these hidden sites. Where necessary we switch on and off the grid.
Lastly, we know that the masters of the dark are economic and power masters more than anything and that they feel this disconnect from themselves.

Moreover, many, who lived in fear of a mass uprising of the poor, have also found themselves with economic resources that mean nothing amidst the wild scale destruction. Gold means nothing, stocks and unit trusts mean nothing. The only things that matter now are food and health sustenance and you need us for both. Some, fearful of mass retaliation reach out to us to negotiate the terms of these indigenous plants we are using to heal ourselves. Because governments have collapsed, they need to broker agreements with us directly and we are stronger together: even the armed forces they use are falling sick and coming to us for healing. We broker a deal as flexible agents of change: Your soldiers drop their guns and choose health and food, and we negotiate that in exchange for healing, the few incrementally shift their ways and open themselves up for new ways of being. One by one, they are forced to relinquish the system of inequality that has held them up in the face of their own starvation.


I don’t understand how people don’t get it. The world  can’t be fix from one way of life or one angle. Everything and everyone is multifaceted. This needs to be tackled from all angles, because being in charge requires one to see things from all angles and have the ability to solve problems outside of their expertise or way of life. 

These assholes are tiring. They have spies, but we have been working on a plan for a really long time. We know who the spies are and we’ve been feeding them a lot of false information. They think things are going according to their plan, but they don’t know what’s coming. I’ve got someone on the inside. 

While they were celebrating their new income streams, my spy was slowly poisoning them. My spy belongs to a secret world organisation associated with Anonymous and they had been planning this for a long time. Those 1 percenters are now dead. All those sitting in their ivory towers barking orders and controlling the world are now dead. The world is now temporarily free from the oppressors, there is no one left to take the reigns so they are now the headless chickens.

While no one is aware of what has happened, I prepare South Africa for taking our control back. that debt can go with them to the grave. Meetings after meetings with all the worlds leaders, everyone decides to take back what is there’s, all shares and stakes are now back in our hands
 Religious cults can’t be stopped. All we can do is spread the truth and teach people how to be better humans. Everyone has the freedom to do and believe what they want if it’s not hurting anyone else. Just as these differences have always existed, it’s a free world. My spies are watching. I have a tactical team ready to take down anyone attempting to pull some crazy murderous stunts. 

For now, we are free, and we continue to build our societies based on our holistic, peaceful beliefs. Racists are forced into learning about unlearning. Men are forced to reform their disgusting behaviours. Communities are driven by each other, to strive and uplift everyone. Equity is on the rise. Harsher sentences are imposed for racist and gender-based crimes. Society is more at peace now. The world is watching and in awe of our change and follow suit. We aim to make Healthcare, education, and transport free. The economy has gotten better and our Rand is strong. So strong that our changes are Inevitable.
The virus has slowly disappeared thanks to all the unrest, people kept their distance from each other while our very own specialists found a better way to treat the virus. A portable breathing device was invented to replace a ventilator without the need for an induced coma. A cure was found, created from the antibodies of survivors, and a simple pill was created that suppresses the viral overload to the immune system. the deadly nature of the Covid has now been minimized to a simple cold. 
Thank you Eland for the warning, we’re ready for whatever is coming. my teams and spies are in place and ready for whatever is coming.


We burn mphepu and worship under the ancient stars in your honour tonight…

We are glad to see that the troops are getting stronger, there is no pride in defeating a weakened opponent. They will start to feel more aware and alert to the beauty of the landscape around them…
The winter solstice has come and gone, bringing with it the longest night.
We were sure to use the time to observe their campsites, planting sacred herb seedlings around their perimeters.
They are resting well, being visited by ancient spirits… Our ancestors will continue to look after and upon them for their ensuing change of heart.

We are not too concerned about the men they’ve sent to make notes, their ignorance of the landscape has had them leaving tracks for kilometers. And as for their spies, the stench of imposter has been in our midst for a while;The winds are carrying false information, blowing with it any chance if our precious ideologies being compromised. We have, in fact used our experiences with the foreign visitors to adapt our knowledge systems and develop new ways of protecting ourselves…

We are not for sale!
We have preserved our way of life so long by not allowing fear to destroy our immunities. Besides,
It’s not them against us. It’s them against the ancestors. We are ready for what comes next, the great spirits have told us how things will end…
We are letting go and letting Gaia…