Round 5

World 1


Preamble: she rambles
This is the Motherland, Brother man.

Recite Herstory and discover clans of Queens.

Supreme beings breathed boundless grounds.

Sound vibrations from ululations-

Made nations fed on Breasts, rested head.. Enemies fled or were left for dead…


What’s your life worth, Oupel? You’ve been cursed to work the dirt of the Earth since jou ma se birth canal. 

Coerced into a purse and sell your piece of peace, toil soil till deceased. 

“Here lies John Smith. Loving Father, Loyal Husband. “


Patriarchy’s a party I wanna gate crash. 

From the private estates to the cape flats. 

Rape stats are as high as state tax, combined with the Bible’s fake facts – creates trash. 

Cleaning time. 

We decide.

Queens deny Ephesians five.

We the wives, aunts, sisters, daughters. 

We are in your homes, your bellies, your beds. 

Don’t make us make it difficult for you…

World 2

Wow, men… We are so tired. The bodies of womxn across the world
breathe a collective sigh that causes everything to stand still. And
then we laugh, one by one, a collective laughter that is gory and
chilling, causing you to stop. Your amen’s in the church of patriarchy
go quiet.

Let us remind you that you are speaking on behalf of a certain type of
man, one who is threatened by the full realization of womxn as fully
human. You forget that the system has brutalized you and made you an
object for extraction, because of this lost humanity you become the
embodiment of the monopoly man on the sites of womxn and those who do
not conform to the systems expectations of extraction. The power you
have is in systems of control – but these have all been dismantled.

Luckily for the sensibilities of the world, the queers will save us, the
single mothers will save us, the feminists will save us, the grandmas
will save us, our sons and daughters will save us, our mothers will save
us. Our movement will save us.

One by one, you realize as you raise your hands to hit, that you are
raising them alone. That even as you have taken up arms in your homes,
that your homes are empty of children, womxn, mothers, daughters and

We build our communes of safety and peace, we who are the farmers, the
bakers, the cleaners, the harvesters, the chefs, the tenders, the
helpers, the comforters, the builders, the places of solace. We leave
and we do this for ourselves, so that we can survive.

Without value in money, with you killing yourselves in the streets – you
are left to die from the virus, from the isolation from the lack of care

You need us as we need each other.

Good luck with your misogyny.

World 3

Erm, what? Who gave you prophetic status? Where’s your proof of it?

I don’t know who you have been watching, but marriages are a partnership. Responsible adults share their responsibilities and share the workload. Sounds like you men are just throwing a tantrum again. It seems you don’t like equality, don’t like us having say over who we are and what we do. 
You want to impose bans? Luster nou mooi ne, women outnumber you. Let’s add everyone who doesn’t identify as a women, and all the homosexuals you speak of. Try us. 
Your threats mean nothing to us. Take away all the real men who are real partners and stand with us against your patriarchal ideologies, and take away all the homosexuals, where is your army now? All that’s left is a bunch of men with bruised egos. 
Since the beginning of time, humans have had the freedom to believe in whatever or whoever they please. There is no one right way. My God would have mercy. My God would not force me to worship mem and be enslaved by them. You are not my Father. We will continue to be equal.

Bring your wrath.

World 4

The truth of the matters reverence of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Our nations have been run on the premise of personalities vs reverence for the Lord. It’s time we get back to that and reverence for the Lord does not mean judgement of others not like you but rather judgement with mercy, to understand that the same judgments you pass on others and other systems and ways of life in fact, is the way in which you will be judged. Do you measure up? It is easy for us to blame the societal ills on other people and what they choose to practice but is very difficult for us to accept the responsibility for us to mould a better world. With that said faith must be without impartiality and judgement must be with mercy, in doing so we can craft a better world and a better Africa.

World 5

This pandemic has taught us many things.
And one of the clearest lessons we’ve learnt is women are better leaders than men.
In societies where women are leading – New Zealand, Taiwan, Germany, the virus has been kept under control.
The time of men leading with an iron first, the time of patriarchy is over. Men need to take a step back. We need to shut up and listen to women.
We need to stop the violence in mental and physical form. There is no way we can continue like this.
The bible wasn’t written by God, it was written by men. This is all I will say in response to your patriarchal approach to faith. That era is over.
We want a new world.

A new earth, that is being born now whether we like it or not.