Round 6

World 1

I enter the portal. I enter home.My home is a return to source, a return to life before colonialism and industrialisation, a return to spirit. It is a home where I speak in all the tongues of my ancestors and I honour their customs and beliefs, I draw on their ancient well of wisdom. It is a state of being in communion with nature and with the ancestors. It is a return to love.

World 2

A new world. As much I can wish for things to be perfect, the same problems will eventually just keep coming back. There’s no perfect world. I have ideas on a world I would like to see, and the only way that kind of world would survive is if we could stop free will. Stop greed. Stop hate, Stop sexism. Stop genetic and in utero problems from happening to make some people born without conscience. My ideal world is one of peace, one of Ubuntu. Many people use the word Ubuntu, but don’t understand how deep the meaning goes. We need this way of life where everyone can look after each other. Communities can raise everyone up.No one will fight each other for land or power. No one will have greed. this is more like a list of want nots than wants. Let’s flip the script. Plain and simply. Everyone is free and equal. people grow their own food, sew their own clothes, and share their skills. No currency or world leaders control the narrative. People are free to live the lives they deserve. Violence and wars don’t exist. technology is just enough to be of use to all without swallowing up every minute of every day. With food production, nothing goes to waste. Every basic human need is free to all All. I want is a life of simplicity. where parents and communities raise kids properly. Where everyone takes responsibility for each other and the environment. A world where people use their free will to do better, to do more, and do it together.

World 3

Queernifesto : (as inspired by Lance Lightyear’s Queer Urban Memoir – Secret Garden)

We found our own spaceBroke ground and found our own race.

Embraced the fringes of your normal, we have be called to transform a broken portal.

Mortality? More like insanity. Humanity’s damaging clarity.

We need brevity, reduce abuse to levity, bury me? Never me!

Cos it’s in the energy… Or maybe it’s the solstice that has my find fixated on the bullsh**. Or maybe I realised that you ain’t sh**., you’re just keeping us backtracked…

World 4

What is home?

We are finally home, we hope for a softer landing, an earnest new normal.

On the other side of our suffering and fighting is breathing – our breath is home.It is freedom, community care, a space to be held and to hold.

It is carving out within ourselves a space of unlearning and learning.

How to be after the warring has ended.

It is undoing millennia of injustice and systems of oppression.

It is freedom to play and to rest, to speak, and to love.

It is not free from conflict but it is built on the foundations of justice and radical love.

It is living in cohesion with the earth and all its beings, moving away from our own extractivism and learning to live on enough.

It is sharing the surplus.

Resourcing innovation with love and not exploitation.

It is public commons that benefit us all justly – education, health care, housing, food, and the right to play.

It is the belly laughs of children and their freedom to be just that – childlike.

It is a place of imagination now, and a hope for a collective freedom.